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Akhila Malankara Orthodox Shusrushaka Sangham (AMOSS)

    AMOSS is a movement working on the following objectives:
  • To give instructions to the altar boys of all parishes in the Malankara Church to make uniformity in the worship of the church and to serve systematically.
  • To mould people who have God’s grace, dedication, who follow spiritual & sacramental life, and who have worldly experience to reside as servants in the sacramental service of the holy church.
  • To train attendants to practice the holy church’s tradition and ritual service without any alteration and to perform it timely with all its meaning and value and to ordain and make them members of the church’s serving community.The training to these altar boys is given under the supervision of “SRUTI” in the Kottayam Theological Seminary.
  • The activities under AMOSS are:
  • 1.Periodical training programmes at the diocese and zonal levels.
  • 2.Annual conferences aiming in the upliftment and encouragement of youngsters as the altar boys.