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  • Rev Fr .Abraham Korah
  • Alex Andrews,Manalel
  • Chacko Thomas, Chirayil
  • Dilip E Alex, Eruthickal
  • Mathew Jacob,Manalel
  • P.M Mani,Palathara
  • Philip E V, Elanjickal
  • Sudeep Maliakal
  • Sunil George,Kollamparambil
  • Tom Korah, Ancheril
  • V I Ittycheria,Velamparambil

  • We are very proud that this time we have three MOSC Manging Committee from our Chruch
  • Fr. Varghese Zachariah Asst Vicar
  • Sunil George,Kollamparambil
  • Tom Korah, Ancheril

At the apex, the Church has a representative Association, by the traditional name of Malankara Syrian Christian Association. It consists of the priest and lays elected by each Parish Assembly. The Church Managing Committee is drawn from among the members of the Association. The Catholicose, as the Malankara Metropolitan, presides over the Association and the Managing Committee. Those prelates having administrative charge of a diocese are vice-presidents of the Association. The Malankara Metropolitan, and all Metropolitans, is elected by the Malankara Association and approved by the Holy Episcopal Synod.They carry out the Budget proposals and other adminstrative matters of Malankara Orthodox Church.