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St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church is an ancient Orthodox Syrian Church situated in the prestigious town of Kottayam, in Kerala state, India, with His Holyness The Catholics of the East as its supreme head, better known as Kottayam Cheriapally (Small Church).
The fact that 3 Metropolitans of the Orthodox Syrian Church emanated from 3 families of the Kottayam, is of great honor. They were H.G. Mar Dionasious, Malankara Metropolitan who hailed from Punnathara family, H.G. Mar Theophilos who hailed from Varikkat family and H.G. Mar Athanatious who hailed from Chackalaparambil family.
Orthodox Churches venerate the departed saints, commemorate their memorial day and seek their intercession. It is taught by the scripture - Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith (Heb. 13:6) - and practiced by the fathers.

Feasts of St Mary - January 15 (Vithukaludae perunnaal)
The Feast invoking the the blessings of Virgin Mary's blessings on agricultural seeds.

The feast of Assumption of St Mary (Vaangipu perunnaal)
is celebrated on 15 th August. As per the tradition, when St Mary was died, her body was taken to the heaven by angels. This incident is remembered on this day. It's a day to remind us how humility and piety can reward such a way that an ordinary girl could become the Mother of God and respected by generations.

Day Time Service
6.30 am Prayer
7.30 am Holy Mass

7.00 am Prayer
7.45 am Holy Mass
10.30 am Retreat

Since a very large parish, on most of the days, there will be Holy Qurbana, in connection with remembrances at Puthenpally, baptisms, marriages etc at Cheriapally,except lent days.