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The members of the Parish Managing Committee excluding the priests will be elected by the Parish Assembly and their term of office will be one year. Parish Managing Committee will have 15 members including 12 ward members representing 12 wards spanning across the parish excluding the Priests. The Parish Assembly will decide the required number of members with in these limits. In the event of any vacancy arising in the Parish Managing Committee, the remaining members of the committee may fill up such vacancy by co-option from the members of the Parish Assembly.If in any circumstances special to any Parish, it is found necessary to extend the term of the Parish Managing Committee, the Parish Assembly may with the special permission of the Diocesan Metropolitan extend the term of office of that Parish Managing Committee to a period for three years.


  Committee Members 2017-18  
 Rev.Fr.P A Philip
Asst. Vicar
   Rev. Fr. Yuhanon K Baby
  Asst. Vicar
 Rev.Fr.Joseph Kurian (Vineeth)



Ward Members 








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